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What if  you could get the solutions to your biggest challenges: from dating & relationships, business, health, and even finding your purpose & passion ...all in one place? on to discover how to access this new program at a massive $1,174.00 discount today!

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Let me ask you a question:

• Are you still struggling when it comes to creating and maintaining the relationships with women that you desire?

• Were you lead down the wrong path by so-called "PUAs" and dating coaches, only to realise that their slimey manipulation tactics, routines and lines only made you feel worse?

• Or are you realising in order to create the life you truly want, you need to focus on a broader range of areas, including relationships, business, health, and purpose?

...if so, then read on to discover how you can be part of a revolutionary new program dedicated to making you the best man you can be...

But first, let me tell you why I'm doing this...

Sasha Daygame here,

Over the last 9 years, I've travelled to 5 continents teaching thousands of men how to overcome their fears and social anxieties, so they can express themselves authentically to the women they desire most.

I've captured my travels and adventures on video on my youtube channel, which now has over 9 million views from guys all around the world who have had their lives transformed, without even having to attend one of my in-field programs.

It's been incredibly rewarding to be able to positively impact so many guys. But, like anything in life, even a good thing has to come to an end.

The fact is – I've been living a lie for the past few years

Having seen it all when it comes to 'PUA,' I've had enough of the lies, deception and bullshit marketing tactics that plagues the seduction industry. Here are just some of the hidden secrets they don't want you to know...

PUA material and programs just don't work. At best, they plaster over your problems with fake lines and routines, and never address the underlying issues. PUA encourages quick fix solutions because that's what sells, so there is no emphasis on improving yourself or your life as a whole.

Self-development eBooks and free videos on their own usually don't help 90% of guys improve at all. This is because there is no guidance on how and when to use the material, and no accountability to make sure you're implementing anything along the way.

Of the tiny percentage of in-field coaching that actually works, almost all of it only makes you feel great for a few days. This is because most in-field coaching involves pushing you to do things you wouldn't normally do, and you feel great that you did it, especially if you start getting a few results. Unfortunately, the vast majority of students can't push themselves after the course when the coach isn't there anymore, and they fall immediately back into the same old patterns...and do nothing!

Nobody spends any time on what really matters – whether you believe you're worthy, whether you're held back by being judged by others, whether you're willing to express who you are to people even in the face of rejection or criticism.

...and that's why I've been able to get such transformational results for my students.

However, I've had to pretty much lie about what my programs are about in order to do so! I've had to pretend that this is a course about dating or 'daygame' when really it's a program about destroying your fears and living life on your terms.

And so I've had to spend time talking about stuff I'm not really that passionate about anymore, so I can get guys into my programs and actually change them.

Well, after letting the cat out of the bag this year, I felt it's time to go ahead and just put it all out there...

I believe that if you're not constantly improving and changing - then you're slowly dying...

It's been amazing to help guys through their journey just as I've been further along on mine.

So I want to take you to the next level, and the new journey that I'm embarking on.

This new chapter is about creating a rich, fulfilled life by maximising all 4 of the core areas that make a successful man's life: dating & relationships, business & entrepreneurship, health & fitness, and passion & purpose.

So that's why I created...

The Infinite Man Summit

Just imagine what your life would be like if:

• You knew you had the mindset and skills to travel to any city around the world, and have a harem of beautiful women available to date within a few days of arriving?

• You had enough passive income automatically arriving into your bank account every month, so you could travel as much as you want, only working as many (or as few) hours a week as you feel like to keep your various businesses ticking along on autopilot

• You woke up early every morning, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, were almost always healthy, and could look in the mirror and see a powerful, strong body you're proud of

• You could effortlessly impress and inspire people with your drive, passion and purpose in life, and your calm, clear, focused mind

...that's exactly what becoming an Infinite Man is all about!

What You Get...

Now, since you couldn't actually experience the event with us, we sat down and did everything we could to make this package as transformative and results-oriented as possible.

So number one: you get the entire event, all 21+ hours of footage from all 3 days, on crystal clear HD, inside the members area. And you get instant access to that today, so you can get started right away, and re-watch as many times as you like.

The Complete Infinite Man Summit: 2016 Recordings

Lifetime access to the entire 3-day summit inside your members' area: filmed in glorious, crystal-clear HD, containing over 21+ hours of seminars, including:

  • Sasha Daygame on how to be a digital nomad, investing in cryptocurrencies, and living a life of purpose and adventure by doing what you love.
  • Jesse Elder on what to measure to keep you moving towards success, and how to always have positive emotions every day.
  • Jeff Berwick on how he built a company valued at $250 million, before creating a number of multi-million dollar lifestyle businesses based on his true passions and purpose

  • Steve Pavlina on creating your character as a man
  • Ryan Black on applying key principles to your life, that enable you to achieve rapid growth and success across all areas of business, health, and relationships
  • Shaft Uddin on breaking down the barriers that are preventing you from authentically connecting with people around you
  • Josh Macin on how he overcame suicidal depression and anxiety by detoxing, and how you can rejuvenate your health using 3 simple steps
  • Marcus Oakey on surviving a spiritual crisis

  • Freddy Fairhair on how to build a youtube channel to millions of subscribers by challenging his ego
  • Simon Coulson on how he created multiple £1M online businesses from home, without hiring any employees or even creating any content himself
  • Jane Tepley on how to connect to your true essence and harness the power of mental influence
  • Luke Radkowski on how he created an alternative media empire by speaking the truth and making a difference in the world
  • bonus speeches, interactive exercises, and more!

Number two, we’re giving you access to the new Infinite Man Academy.

  • This includes multiple new seminars each month from some of the best dating, persuasion, business, health and spirituality speakers in the world.
  • On top of that, you get weekly missions to make sure you implement the learnings from each seminar.
  • Plus, we have over 200 guys around the world inside a private facebook group so you can connect, ask questions, and get feedback on any challenges you face on your journey.
  • Finally, we have monthly group coaching sessions with me and a guest coach, where you can get expert guidance on anything you’re struggling with, and get answers live over the interactive webinar platform.

…This is the first time we’re opening access to this academy to the public, and it’s launching at $197.00 per month. However, today, because you joined me on the livecast, you get THREE months of the academy for FREE!

Number 3, you get 3 months of the Direct Dating Academy. This includes weekly content, homework, the facebook group and recorded group coaching webinars, all focussed on one aspect – overcoming your anxiety, limiting beliefs and fears, so you can express yourself authentically with women. The DDA currently retails at $97.00 per month, but once again, we’re throwing in 3 months for you, absolutely FREE!

New Infinite Man Academy AND Direct Dating Academy

Over 12 months' worth of exclusive footage, including:

  • James Marshall on how to design a lifestyle of travel, business and multiple girls all around the world
  • Sasha Daygame on the foundational principles of direct game
  • Hypnotica on sexual positions that actually work (and make her go wild!)
  • Johnny Soporno on how to emancipate women's sexual side and date multiple women ethnically and honestly
  • Gareth Jones on how to escalate over text to get women horny and ready to come over that night for sex
  • bonus speeches, recorded webinars, interactive missions, and more!

Core Element #1 – Full Direct Dating Academy Access

The number 1 thing standing in the way of success in any area of your life is simple: fear of negative judgment by others. The most effective way to deal with this fear is to destroy the ego, and the most ego-critical area of our lives is our intimate relationships and how we feel about ourselves and our sexuality. So, regardless of your goals, everyone starts with a few months inside the Direct Dating Academy, to absorb the crucial lessons about how to overcome your fears and express yourself authentically to intimidatingly beautiful women. Believe me – once you can do that, you can tackle any challenge life throws at you!

Core Element #2 – Brand New Infinite Man Monthly Content

Every month, Sasha hosts a guest speaker for a live group-coaching session over webinar. These speakers are all world experts in fields as diverse as detoxes for optimum health, cryptocurrency investment, reiki and energy work, online business, and more! Depending on your chosen subscription, you can either get the recordings, or attend the sessions live, ask your questions, and interact with Sasha and the guests.

Core Element #3 – Access to the Online Discussion Forum

In order to make the program as effective as possible, there must be a level of accountability. To do that, even the lowest-investment subscription comes with access to the Infinite Man Academy private members' discussion group, where you can share your successes, ask for feedback on what you're implementing, and get support from over 200+ guys like you all around the world.

Here's how it works

Here's a breakdown of all the main benefits of being inside the Academy...

  • Direct Dating Academy Instant access to Month 1 – RRP $97 monthly
  • Private Facebook Discussion Forum So you get a support network of 200+ guys all around the world to hold you accountable
  • New Infinite Man Content Including bonus content only for members, future IMS footage, and access to Infinite Man-only webinars!
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls So you can get action points and get your questions answered by Sasha & guest coaches

Just listen to what these Academy students say about their transformations...

The first month has changed my life already. I'm doing things I never thought I could do. Thank you again!

Brent P
Brent P England

First of all, thank you for what you doing. Just few of your advices turned things around in my life. Before,  I had twisted opinions about dating and meeting girls, which made me a weird loner. Today I wake up with beautiful girl next to me. We are dating few weeks now and I'm pretty sure I have her thanks to your advices.

Maciej K
Maciej K Poland

So I just had the sexual second experience of my life in a car - a 31 year old girl I met on the tube. After the first meeting - fingering, sucking on tits etc. everything apart from actual sex which she said she wants asap. thanks again for setting this whole thing up 😉


I've succeeded fully with my dating goals! Having it split into monthly chunks made it a lot less overwhelming to watch.

I've had multiple girls tell me that I have "awesome game", and am currently dating a super hot girl who has the same values and goals that I do. Most importantly though, I know if things don't work out 6 months from now that's OK! I'm not afraid to ask a girl out anymore, and I'm not afraid break things off with a girl either!

James H
James H UK

But that's not all!

Number 4, you get a coaching session with one of my experienced trainers. You may even get Ryan Black himself! This is a no-holds-barred call where you can have your goals and challenges analysed, and a roadmap of action points laid out for you to implement in the year ahead.

Call with a Sasha Daygame Coach

You’ll get a full session with one of my coaches I’ve personally trained, with at least 3-6 years experience helping guys like you over their challenges. And all of my guys are insanely passionate about helping you achieve your goals, in every area of your life. These calls retail at $150.00-250.00 each, but you get one FREE when you join us inside the program today.

Phone coaching slots are now sold out!

Special Unannounced Bonus

Exclusive Members-Only Discount on Tickets to the 2017 Event!

Available only to Infinite Man Academy members, you'll receive a buy-1-get-1-FREE deal on any level of ticket to the next Infinite Man Summit 2017! This will save you at least $120 to over $500.00 if you purchase the VIP ticket!

So just to recap, you get...

The Infinite Man Summit 2016 Footage ($121+ Value)

3 Months IMA & DDA ($882 Value)

The Academy Private Members's FB Discussion Forum

Monthly Live Coaching Webinars ($97 Value)

Tickets to the 2017 Event ($121 to $500+ saving)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,221.00

But we won't be charging you anything like $1,221 today

Or even 1/2 that $610.00

Or even 1/2 THAT $305.00

...You get the entire package today for just...

1 Payment of $297

1 Payment of $297

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3 Easy Payments of $107

CHECKOUT3 Payments of Just $107
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No Risk 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that you’ll love the footage and being part of the Academy, that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and give you a full, no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. You can try all 3 months inside the Academy, watch all the footage, take your coaching call, attend all the live group coaching webinars, and if you still decide it’s not for you, just let me know within 90 days and you can get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Is anything delivered to my house?

    A.No. All the IMS 2016 footage is accessible within your members’ area instantly, along with your first month of the Direct Dating Academy. Every successive month of the Academy is accessed in the same members’ area, along with all recorded coaching webinars and bonus content. You’ll get sent your login details via email as soon as you complete your payment.

  • Q.What happens after my 3-month trial of the DDA / IMA?

    A.You can tell us you want to cancel at any time, and you won’t be charged further (however you do lose access the the Academy content, facebook group and webinars if you cancel). If you love it (and we think you will!) then just do nothing and you’ll join the Infinite Man Academy (including all previous Direct Dating Academy footage) for just $197 $97 per month.

  • Q.What if I can't attend the next Infinite Man Summit?

    A.You’ll still get discounted tickets, so if you buy deluxe or higher, you’ll get the footage anyway! Also, you can apply your discount to any of our other events, including any Direct Dating Summit or future Infinite Man Summit event!

  • Q.What if I don't like the Infinite Man Summit footage?

    A.That’s ok! Just let us know within the first 90 days, and we’ll give you a full refund of everything you’ve paid, no questions, no hassles!

  • Q.Can I think about it and come back later?

    A.You can think about it, but this offer will close. We may release the footage again later, but it will definitely not be at this low investment, nor will it include all the bonuses you see today. So the best thing to do if you’re even somewhat interested, is join and give it a try!

  • Q.Can I pay with Credit Card / Paypal?

    A.You can choose either Credit or Paypal on the order form of your choice. The order forms are 128-bit SSL secure and we can never see your full credit card number on our system.