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SOFIA, BULGARIA • MAY 26-28th 2017

"How to Identify And Maximise the 4 Critical Areas that Hold You Back from Creating Your Extraordinary Life of Passion & Fulfilment"

Give Us Three Days And We Will...

  • Hand you the online "freedom-business" blueprint we've used to travel the world and earn $10,000+ per month on autopilot
  • Reveal the little-known nutritional and cleansing secrets the medical establishment doesn't want you to know (and your doctor was never taught at med school!)
  • Share the complete roadmap for effortlessly forming relationships (with women, friends or business partners) on your terms from a place of abundance
  • Help you gain the clarity, focus and drive you need to achieve all your personal development goals for your health, business, relationships and more!

From: Sasha & Ryan, London, UK


Imagine waking up on a gorgeous tropical island, feeling glorious and happy to be alive.

You start with breakfast in bed, followed by a walk along the beach with your beautiful girlfriend…

Imagine your day involves enjoying yourself in every manner imaginable: Amazing food, adventure, and shared experiences.

Imagine that your consistent, passive income allows you to live and play this way day in day out, and that your only commitment is to spend an hour or two in front of the computer, working on projects that excite you, whenever you feel like it.

This may all sound like a dream…

...And yet it’s reality for thousands of guys out there today, including ourselves.

Welcome to your new reality...

Our Personal Invitation To You...

Whether you are looking to earn more money, find a career that you actually love, meet an amazing women, feel better in your body, or just have the freedom to travel where you want when you want – ultimately you want the tools (and the community) to make it happen.

Read this page all the way to the end to discover how to do all that and more...

I have a sneaking suspicion that you want exactly what 99% of men want – but are too afraid to ask.

Is it any wonder most men settle for mediocrity?

Many suffer from ill health, a dead-end career, and either lonely or trapped in a toxic relationship...

It seems millions of men with potential, ambition and intelligence have given up on the good life altogether and settled for 3 more decades of "quiet desperation."

Millions waste away their lives working some soulless job they despise….

Some turn to video games, pornography, alcohol or drugs to escape the harsh reality they’ve created for themselves.

These men will leave behind no mark and give no service to the world.

They will be forgotten...their lives meaningless.

...Are you going to be one of those men?

Or will you choose another path?

If you know the answer to that question, and if that's why you came to this page, then you already know why we created...


SOFIA, BULGARIA • MAY 26-28th 2017

Because An Infinite Man Says...

  • I choose to not waste my life
  • I choose to dream, and then make my dreams a reality
  • I choose to life fully, and be remembered
  • I choose to have it all
  • I choose abundance in every part of my life

I don’t just choose it, I demand it.

  • I demand to live a life of purpose
  • I demand to have a healthy body & mind
  • I demand to have financial abundance
  • I demand to have a loving woman by my side

...Are you ready to make the same demands for yourself?

Why settle for less? Because 'the system' says so?

Society doesn’t encourage us to crush it in life – it encourages conformity.

It seems the western definition of success is how 'stable' a job you get. What car you drive… your “status”, or if you have the latest smartphone.

Yet, with all the designer suits, gadgets and cars they can afford, it seems like some of the most so-called “successful” people are the most miserable.

Does that sound like success to you?

It's time to forget all that. It's time to create a lifestyle you want based on your own principles, core values and purpose. And fuck what anybody else thinks.

We are not just going to motivate you...

We are not just going to give you the most cutting edge strategies & tools available...

We are going to show you what we’ve done, step by step, to build 6 and 7 figure businesses, optimize our health and diet, and create long-term, fulfilling relationships with beautiful women.

...So you can discover your own passion, your own strength - and finally gain total success at LIFE.

If you’re tired of mediocrity

If you’re tired of conformity

If you now that you – yes, you – have the potential to transform yourself into a true powerhouse, and make the world a better place as you do it

...Then I urge you to join us at the Infinite Man Summit

You can change the world

You can make a difference

But you must start with yourself. The battle begins here.

We’re only looking for men who are serious about authentic & transformational personal growth, success, and long-term happiness.

If that sounds like you, click below for tickets to our first live event in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 28-30th 2017.

Ticket prices increase in...

Confirmed Speakers

Alex "Sasha" Lasarev

Alex is the founder of the Infinite Man Summit and originally hails from Toronto. He began stand up comedy there at the age of 17. He moved to London, in 2002 and then spent the better part of a decade, honing his skills alongside all the top comics. Alex has performed alongside some of the world’s top comedians including Reginald D Hunter, Mike Wilmot, and Joe Rogan.

In 2006 Alex got into self improvement, and in 2008 started Sasha Dating Systems to help men overcome their anxiety, improve their charisma and form fulfilling personal relationships. He has personally coached thousands of men across five continents, as well as creating a cult following via his YouTube channel with over 7+ million views.

In the last few years, Alex has discovered that he loves nothing more than inspiring men to create extraordinary lives by challenging societal and parental programming. He encourages men to break out of the matrix and start living life on their own terms. He regularly speaks on a wide range of topics including health, purpose, entrepreneurship and relationships.

Jesse Elder

Jesse Elder spent two decades in the martial arts world, building up a chain of highly successful martial arts schools. He then walked away and catapulted a brand new coaching business from 0 to 100k per month income in under two years.

As the "multi-millionaires' mentor", Jesse has discovered a set of simple principles for encouraging your natural success and experiencing deep inner fulfilment.

A highly sought-after and inspirational speaker, he's blown up fast, sharing the stage with some truly heavyweight speakers including Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone and Ryan Daniel Moran.

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a New York Times Bestselling author, coach, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete. His science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the world live, train and eat. Ben now works with athletes, CEOs and soccer moms from around the world to achieve amazing feats of physical endurance without destroying their bodies in the process.

In 2008, Ben was voted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as the America’s top personal trainer, and in 2013 was named by Greatist as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in health. He holds a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics from University of Idaho, and is also a certified sports nutritionist (C-ISSN) and strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). He has over a decade of experience training professional, collegiate and recreational athletes from all sports how to be healthy on the inside and healthy on the outside – and also coaches people of all ages and from all backgrounds for performance, fat loss, nutrition, lifestyle management and wellness.


James Marshall

Recently voted the world’s best Natural at the global PUA Summit, James Marshall is a unique innovator in the field of Natural seduction and lifestyle design. Since founding The Natural Lifestyles in 2007, James has coached thousands of men world wide, spoken at all the major industry summits and created the most intense long term coaching systems available. These include the infamous 10 day traveling bootcamp; The Euro Tour and the 12 week Masterclass.

He specializes in holistic coaching that looks at all elements that make a man naturally attractive to women. No lines, no tricks, just pure direct sexual intent, flexible conversational principles, inner game mastery, style, body language and much more. He is described as a low energy, high intensity seducer and is particularly gifted in teaching more mellow, gimmick free seduction that works particularly well for more introverted men, allowing them to maintain their true personality while adapting the Natural game principles to suit their temperament.

He’ll be presenting at the Infinite Man Summit on his powerful methods of creating huge amounts of sexual tension with minimal effort to flip the power dynamics and make women work for your attention. He’ll also reveal his blueprint for Lifestyle Design that allows you to live like a rock star without the price tag or need to join an electro band.

Becca Tzigany

Regular contributor to literary magazines The Writer's Cramp and International Living, Becca's spiritual quest has led her to apprentice under Christian ministers, a Hindu Brahmin, Native American shaman, Zen Buddhist nun, and Indian yogi.

She has teaches meditation and workshops in the healing arts. Through her world travels and first-hand experience with several spiritual traditions, Tzigany gained insight into the psychological impetus behind mythology and the cultural expressions of relationship.

With a resumé that runs the gamut from teacher to organic gardener to handicraft peddler, she considers her most important job to be that of mother.

Siam Kidd

Siam Kidd is a private trader, multiple business owner and founder of the Realistic Trader. A firm believer of having multiple pillars for your ‘Financial Parthenon’ and that trading needs to be engaged in conjunction with business, he invests in and buys/sells businesses and puts the proceeds into his trading account.

On Black Monday in 2015, Siam made £422,000 in a 30 minute period and delivered a 60.33% ROI for his managed fund that year.

Ryan Black

Ryan is co-founder of the Infinite Man Summit, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Dating Coach at Sasha Dating Systems, Director of his own boutique marketing consultancy for coaches and practitioners, author of the upcoming book, "The Digital Artisan," as well as a CSA MasterCoach and certified business coach.

A knowledgeable and passionate speaker, Ryan loves helping others improve their lives and achieve optimal performance and results in all areas including business, health, and relationships.

Jane H. Tepley

Jane is the founder of Modern WarriorMind, a company dedicated to helping people become more efficient, more influential and more successful using the powers of their own mind.

Jane has spent most of her life researching the traditional Western meditation and mind mastery techniques, reassembling the scattered fragments of traditional teachings into a congruent and powerful system of personal development.

For over 15 years, she has been focused on working with groups and private students around the globe, helping them discover and harness their mind’s true power and overcome procrastination, indecision and willpower pitfalls that could otherwise stand in their way to success.

Her philosophy is: Why lead an ordinary life, when the extraordinary is just within your reach?

Marcus Oakey

Marcus is the founder of YourCharismaCoach.com

Marcus started out as a shy, awkward guy who cracked the code to being the type of unforgettable person everyone dreams of becoming. In other words, a man who radiates charisma, which lead to more specialised work as an author, trainer, international speaker, TV pundit and creator of the Conversation Masterclass.

His strategies proved to be so effective that he spent over a decade teaching them to students, business professionals and celebrities alike, so that they could make friends quickly and advance their careers with ease.

Even the biggest dating companies on the planet were soon knocking on his door, hiring him to train thousands of their clients...and even their own instructors.

Marcus found that only by focusing on the fundamental skills of communication will you truly become captivating and free to talk to anyone, anywhere and become unstoppable, irresistible, and unafraid in every area of your life.

Puja Lepp

As a  Personal Development Coach and certified  non – medical Practitioner of Psychotherapy, (HP,Germany),  Puja offers a unique blend of Modern Psychology and Spiritual Growth Techniques for Emotional Healing. Her seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions  are designed for people who are committed to creating a significant, positive, and lasting change in their lives.

Josh Macin

Josh is the founder and head coach at TheDetoxDudes.com

In 2013 he "had it all.” He was an online dating coach, the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and the 2012 Pan-American Champion. Then, seemingly overnight, he fell into crippling depression, panic, and physical agony.

He spent three years in a battle for his survival. Doctors told him he had a major depressive disorder and he'd have to be on pills the rest of his life. So he took matters into his own hands and started exploring the holistic healing world: He lived deep in the Amazon jungle for six months to work with ayahuasca, colonics, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, fasted for months out of the year, tried hundreds of supplements, and dozens of different diets.

Days away from suicide, he miraculously found the culprit. When all else had failed, a systematic detox gave him his life back. Josh believes that toxicity is ultimately responsible for the massive scale depression, loneliness, anger, health problems, and unrest in the world. “Clean the junk and set your soul free.”

Tons of new speakers announced soon!

Why Sofia, Bulgaria?

Sofia - a place full of history, surrounded by beautiful mountains. Thousands of Gorgeous Bulgarian women go out in the streets (and the malls) during the great summer weather. Bulgarian people are very friendly, hospitable and they know how to party!

Sofia offers a variety of food choices - from traditional Bulgarian cuisine to vegan-only restaurants.

Also, Rila Mountain is famous as one of the most powerful “energy centers" in the world. Not to be missed!

Confirmed Venue

Central Sofia location to be revealed to ticket buyers.

Please arrive each day for check-in at 9:30 with a 10am start. The event will finish around 8pm each day with breaks every hour and lunch around 1:30pm.

Full speaker schedule will be released each morning of the event.


  • Hilton Sofia /Link / - One of the most expensive hotels in Sofia. Right behind the National Palace of Culture.
  • Hotel Hemus /Link / - This one's a little bit to the South, not that far from Hilton.
  • Holiday Inn Sofia /Link / - The hotel is located in Mladost 4 - the outskirts of the city. Very easy to reach by tube.
  • Grand Hotel Sofia /Link / - Pretty close to the city centre; pretty luxurious, too.
  • Sofia Hotel Balkan /Link / - Right next to Serdika station (city centre).
  • Sveta Sofia /Link / - Also very close to Serdika station.
  • Hotel Moskva /Link / - This hotel is the closest one to the venue.
  • Hotel Slavyanska Beseda /Link / - Located in the city centre, close to one of the tube stations ('Vasil Levski Stadium').

Websites for places to stay:

  • AirBnB - the standard website for renting places;
  • Booking.com - recommended for Bulgaria;
  • Trivago.com - recommended by Infinite Man Academy group members;


It is really easy to get to the city centre from the airport. You have pretty much three options.

You can take a cab, a bus or the tube. The best choice depends on which Terminal you have

landed on. There is a tube station right next to Terminal-2. It goes straight to the city centre

in about 20-30mins. The central station is called Serdika.

If you are at Terminal-1, you could either take the regular shuttle to Terminal-2 and then take

the tube, or you could wait for bus 84 & 384.

 Serdika is considered to be the city centre. There is a big church near the tube station.

Looking to the South, you can see the Vitosha mountains. There is a wide walkway there called Vitoshka - one of the busiest places in Sofia.

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